Loyalty or sale: decide before you invest in mobile solutions!

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The strongest argument in favor of implementing mobile solutions is to increase our sales. Increasingly mobile solutions are expected to make measurable profit and quick return of the investment, and only then we pay attention to the branding considerations. At the same time, however, it is believed that the perception of the company results in sales. So what is the truth? Mobile sells or only builds a modern corporate image that meets the customers’ needs?


The purpose of implementation of  mobile solution  is highly correlated with chosen solution, so that it is worth to specify desired effect at the very beginning. Three basic investment directions are: responsive website, mobile version or mobile application.


So mobile or responsive?

Mobile or responsive website is a good solution if we want to increase the reach of our e-shop and help customers find it. To explain the diffrences between those solutions we should show the way of content presentation – shop in RWD requires classic connection with the browser, with the guarantee of coherent layout on any mobile device. Mobile website is a simplified version of this standard that we download on our mobile device. The RWD standard doesn’t differ from the traditional as much as mobile version. Even though responsive solutions requires rebuilding of the existing system or implementing a new one, it allows to fully optimize your e-shop regarding different resolutions. This investment automatically adapts for sizes of devices, on which it’s displayed. Those, who don’t plan to change their website, should choose a mobile version that we can implement in every moment of realization. This solution is also recommended to owners of the platforms, which structure is complicated, so that they don’t want to rebuild it for RWD.


Additionally application?

The other option, most often completely independent from the decision about building a responsive or mobile version, is a mobile application. This solution can be implemented in any moment, often as a supplement to the website available on mobile devices. This solution with huge marketing potential is dedicated to those, who want to attract the customer’s attention in unique way.


Mobile always preceded by analysis

Before you invest in mobile, besides taking into consideration the technical aspects, it is necessary to determine the effect you want to achieve by implementation. Of course the practical aspects that have been mentioned before, are significant, but detailed business analysis will determine whether the application will give the desired effects.

It is difficult to conclude if application only builds consumer’s loyalty or on the contrary – just sells. Solutions designed for the image needs can result in sales and those with sales character can have a significant impact on the perception of the brand. Of course,  when you need an immediate effect, it is important to create a strictly sales solution.


Sell – but how?

You can find dozens of examples of sales applications – it could be both solutions for direct ordering the products from mobile devices, e.g. implemented few years ago very popular applications for ordering pizza, but also those indirect. The advantage of this kind of solutions is transparent to the customer usability. People using mobile devices are the most active and dynamic group that requires solutions helping them with daily functioning. Developers of sales application should therefore take into account the maximum usability as well as people that will use the app.


Direct or indirect

It is important to show the app users a clear benefit coming from its use. The example is sales application for outdoor shop, 8a.pl. Based on inverted ROPO effect, it allows the customers acquaint themselves with a product in traditional shop and then scan the code, check prices in 8a.pl and order the product via this application. It also allows you to know the opinion on products, indirectly build brand loyalty and loyalty to the app.  It is worth noting that both mentioned examples have sales character – one is only for ordering the product, the second additionally supports communication with customers of the e-shop. So both generate profits – each in a slightly different way. Before implementation it is worth to think if we already have loyal customers, who need only a tool that helps to place orders or not yet, and then it is preferable to choose the solution that convinces the customers to choose our offer.


Loyalty means sale?

Loyalty building is a slightly different matter. You definitely cannot say that there is no point in implementing such solutions. However, it is difficult to estimate its profitability. This type of solutions are dedicated to those, who want to invest in indirect marketing activities – not only for temporary sales increase, but building long-term relationships with the customer. This could be, for example, solutions for serving a loyalty program.


Goal: meet customer’s needs

Today we don’t wonder if it is worth to invest in mobile. We wonder, rather, which of the available directions is the right one. We invest in promotional, image goals, but also to increase profits of the company. But above all, to achieve any of these goals we have to remember about our customers’ needs and usability of implemented solutions.

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