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About us

Mission and vision

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Positive Power exists to exceed the customers' expectations by providing them with dedicated IT solutions, that develop their business processes. We provide our customers with our knowledge and experience. We pay attention to our products and customer service, so that they are of the highest quality. Our greatest value is people and only with their development we can develop our company.

Capital group

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was founded
Positive Technology, a group consolidating shares of the companies was set up
Indata Software SA debut on stock exchange
Positive Power
was set up
was founded
Positive Power became a part of Indata Software
Positive Power Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2002 as a company specializing in web design. Today, it is a Software House providing bespoke IT solutions. New companies were founded from the structure of the company – in 2005 mailPro (e-mail marketing) and in 2011 Invisio (SEO/SEM). In 2013 Positive Technology a group that consolidates companies was established. Since 2014 it has been a part of Indata Software – a group listed on the stock exchange, which gathers over 250 IT experts.

Our projects

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From the very beginning Positive Power has been regularly invlolved in initiatives connected with the development of high technologies, acting for professional organizations, participating in conferences and organizing its own events – e.g. cyclical conference devoted to e-commerce&mobile (inter-AKCJE) and meetings of start-ups from IT segments (Start IT Up).
Start it up
Mobile silesia
Regionalna izba gospodarcza
iab polska

Conferences and meetings

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We regularly participate in both internal and external trainings, meetigs and conferences connected with IT.

Positive Power organizes, among others, cyclical meetings for students and new media aficionados called inter-AKCJE. This meeting has a barcamp formula. We talk, share our specialist knowledge and present the latest news connected with IT. It's a great occasion to meet the biggest players in the market and share experience during networking sessions.

Visit www.inter-akcje.pl

Each year we organize also Start IT Up - meeting for the enthusiasts of new technologies, start-ups and people with their own business idea. During the event participants have a chance to take part in mentoring sessions, discussions with experts and e-business managers and networking. The event includes a contest for the best start-up that has a chance to gain PLN 100 000 funding for its idea.

Visit www.start-it-up.pl

Internal meetings

We regularly organize internal meetings, during which our employees learn from each other and share their experience.

We have already talked about:
  • designing e-commerce platforms in RWD standard,
  • global trends in mobile technology,
  • effective business negotiations,
  • project management in Scrum methodology,
  • NFC standard used in loyalty programs.
External meeting and conferences

We are willing to broaden our specialist knowledge. In order to be up-to-date we constantly improve our competences and regularly participate in external meetings and conferences.

We often appear as a speaker on IT meetings, where we share our knowledge and experience with the participants.

W minionych latach można nas było spotkać m.in. na:
  • Internet Beta 2014 - a conference for representatives from different industries connected with the Internet and new technologies,
  • Akademia e-biznesu 2014 - a cyclical conference on e-buisness solutions organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,
  • Mobile Silesia 2014 - Silesian meetings of the mobile industry,
  • E-commerce Standard 2013 - a conference on e-commerce,
  • numerous IT meetings and barcamps.

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