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Positive Power Sp. z o.o. is a software house, which gathers over 90 experts has been delivering bespoke IT solutions for over 13 years.

Our project team, implementing complex systems and providing development support, combines highest technological competences with advanced methodology of project work. We employ certified Scrum Masters, PHP, Java, .NET, iOS, Android and WP developers, UX and QA specialists and experienced Project Managers.

Positive Power provides services in the field of software development outsourcing, offering the customers IT specialists with the highest competences. Body leasing is an opportunity to hire project team or single specialist for a specific project. The employee carries out assigned tasks within a specified time frame and on the terms previously agreed in the contract. His skills are matched to client’s business needs, it enables quick reaction and effective realization of assigned tasks.

We work according to the following models:

Methodology of Agile programming enables development of the highly scalable software in short time. Certified Scrum Masters that manage the project teams, take care of the highest efficiency and functionality of the working teams. Thanks to the 2 - 4 weeks sprints, we are able to react quickly and adapt the project to the changing client's expectations.

Waterfall model consists in executing particular project tasks within distinct, succeeding stages. It is often less flexible, because starting a new phase requires completion of the previous one. Typically, it is used for projects with lower complexity and high predictability.

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Outsourcing IT:
  • reduction of operating costs
  • delegation of responsibility for realized IT projects to the company providing development team
  • access to the most qualified specialists
  • greater continuity and predictability of one's business
Our experts:
iOS Developers
Android Developers
Windows Phone Developers
PHP Developers
.NET Developers
Java Developers
Web Developers
UX Specialists
QA Managers
Software Analyst/Architects
If you are interested in cooperation with us, fill in a contact form or a short brief dedicated to
e-commerce projects or mobile applications,
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